The story so far...

The first six sticks (logs) were placed in the ground around a 6m by 6m concrete slab, with a tin roof, a brick bar and
a stone BBQ by the side of the Dam at the back of our property in 2001.

It was a place where our son (aged 10 at the time) and his local neighbourhood mates would spend their week-ends swimming, fishing, camping out and cooking snags! We called it our Humpy!

It was a place where we too enjoyed a snag or two and a cold beer with many mates who each had a hand in different tricks in all the trades. Whilst having a beer or two with mates, many enthusiastic ideas were voiced, shared around, and put into action. Over a period of Seven years, mostly weekends and with our great appreciation to those many mates who gave and lent their hands for a ‘beer and bar-b’, more logs were placed in the ground, stones were handpicked and unique walls and large pizza oven were hand formed, trees were cut and milled into timber on the property to erect and line walls, and a large deck was built over the Dam.

Thirty different types of timber in the 120 tonne of timber, all sort from trees on our property and neighbouring properties, was used in extending the Humpy to what it is today. It was no longer a Humpy! We now called it ‘Sticks and Stones’, a unique entertainment area, a place to escape.

We wished to share our unique creation with those who desire to experience peace and tranquillity with a rustic atmosphere, so whether you want to ‘Rock your Bones’ at a special Birthday, Engagement or Wedding, or to simply ‘Rest your Bones’ and get away for a Bed and Breakfast, we hope all our guest enjoy the relaxed and tranquil atmosphere that we always do when we spend time down at Sticks and Stones.

You can stay one night free B & B, if you can identify and name all the different timbers used in building Sticks and Stones.